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Duration of Tour:  Between 21 and 28 days in Uganda.  28 – 36 hours travel time each way.  It will be necessary to be in Kampala the day before the return flight.  As a result, 21 days in Uganda could involve 25 days for the whole tour.  Please indicate how many days you wish the entire tour to last, including travel time

Date Range for Tour:  Between January 25, 2021 and March 15, 2021.  Please indicate the dates you would prefer.

Booking Deadline:  A non-refundable deposit (booking the tour and paying for the flight) will be required by July 15, 2020.

Cost of Tour:  A preliminary estimate of the cost of the entire tour: CAD $6,000. Inclusive of air fares, transfers, accommodation, meals and in country escorted travel. This may be adjusted some up or down depending on the duration of the tour and the activities selected by participants

Tour package does not include:

  1. Medical Insurance. Blue Cross insurance not advised due to potential issues with coverage in Africa but do consult.  It is important to have good medical insurance, estimated to cost approximately CAD $100 and we can advise you
  2. Uganda Visa: estimated to cost CAD $75.

Tour Features: As this is a learners’ tour with the objective that participants will see more than just the typical African Safari animals it will involve 4-6 days in a very rural part of the country learning about development issues and about the organizations who work on these issues.  Participants will be provided with thorough pre-departure briefings covering health and safety, development issues, historical background and local language and culture.  

In addition to the above and other cultural sites and experiences of interest, participants will be supported to take part in some of the more traditional African Safari activities involving wildlife.

There are a number of possibilities and while it will not be possible to do them all within the available time and budget there is some flexibility and depending on feedback from prospective participants we shall customize the tour plan to meet needs as best we can

A 3-4-day safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park which is a savanna type environment where you will see most of the large animals aside from Giraffes. A highlight of this safari is the Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise which is highly recommended.

  • A 3-4 day safari to Murchison Falls National Park where, in addition to most of the large animals you will also see Murchison falls which is an unforgettable feature on the Nile River.
  • A 3-day safari in Uganda to see mountain gorillas. There will be no possibility of seeing other animals and no guarantee that you will see gorillas.  You will have to hike at high elevations in high temperatures.  This option will involve a surcharge over and above the tour package of approximately CAD $700 as that is the Ugandan Parks Department Fee for the special gorilla trekking fees.  There is no other alterative to see gorillas and the park fees for these permits in Rwanda is even higher.  Visiting gorillas in the Congo parks is not considered safe at this time
  • A 1-day safari to see chimpanzees. You will be more or less guaranteed to see them.  This will require a walk but not a strenuous or long walk.  This will not involve a large surcharge for permit fees.
  • An add on 4-day safari in Kenya which will result in 2 days of seeing a variety of animals in the Masai Mara. A flight to Kenya will involve added cost.  Accommodation and services will be more expensive.

All of the above options combined will not be possible due to time and financial constraints.  Please indicate which of the options you would are interested in and indicate any that you would not wish to participate in.  These are preliminary indications only and depending feedback from prospective

Accommodation and Services:  The estimated cost of the tour assumes a basic level of accommodation and services.

Please indicate if you are willing to accept a basic level or not.  This also means that in most cases you will have only limited access to a western diet and menu of foods.  In some areas and days, only local food will be available.

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