(Workplaces Inspiring Sustainability and Equality)

The Marquis Project is starting a new initiative that encourages business to become WISE. Workplaces within the local community who are dedicated to reducing our ecological footprint and global inequalities are WISE (Workplaces Inspiring Sustainability and Equality). WISE workplaces inspire sustainability by investing in environmentally friendly products and practices, and WISE workplaces inspire equality by purchasing fair trade products, which create opportunities and financial support to producers in developing countries. Reasons to adopt a sustainable business model include cost saving benefits, develop and strengthening customer loyalties, becoming an innovative leader, fostering a healthier work environment and making a difference locally and globally. When you register your business to become WISE, an evaluative assessment will be performed to identify areas of success and areas in need of improvement. The Marquis Project will collaborate with your business to set realistic and approachable goals, and will provide your business with a customized sustainable action plan to implement long term with the support of The Marquis Project. A WISE identification card will be issued to your business, which entitles you to discounts on fair trade and environmentally friendly products at The Marquis Project’s Worldly Goods Shop on 912 Rosser Avenue, Brandon, MB. The Marquis Project has also developed a certification system that classifies your business as either a gold, silver, or bronze WISE workplace. Gold Certified WISE Workplaces utilize environmentally friendly and fair trade products in addition to taking part in a sustainable assessment of your workplace and receiving a customized sustainable action plan. Silver Certified WISE Workplaces utilize both environmentally friendly and fair trade products. Bronze Certified WISE Workplaces utilize either environmentally friendly products or fair trade certified products. If you want to encourage your workplace to become WISE or if you want to register your business as WISE, please contact The Marquis Project by phone 727-5675 or by email at marquis@marquisproject.com.



About Marquis

The Marquis Project is a non-profit, charitable non-governmental organization dedicated to making our world better. Established in 1979 by development activists in and around Brandon, Manitoba, it is sustained by the support and participation of individuals, families, congregations, schools and community organizations. What began as a small resource centre on world issues serving southwestern Manitoba is now a nationally recognized non-governmental organization.