The Marquis Project Impact! Speaker Series

The Marquis Project presents “The Marquis Project Impact! Speaker Series”. This is a  three part speaker series on the topics of Peace, Development, and Equality, which will run from September through until November. The purpose of this project is it to build connections to current sources of information, to identify issues of local concern, and to uncover strategies that individuals, partners and local community members can being to adopt. Our goal is to identify opportunities and organize events on issues related to peace, development and equality that engage and educate the community. This series will feature both local and international speakers identified through contacts at The Marquis Project. This project is organized to coincide, as much a scheduling will allow, with international dates of note (International Day of Peace and International Day of Tolerance).

September 21, 2010 – Celebrate International Day of Peace with the Marquis Project as we welcome Susan Dupuis, theatre artist, public speaker, yoga teacher and owner of Sacred Tree Yoga, who will provide an inspirational talk on “Teachings of Peace” and will speak candidly on living a peaceful life. At this event participants will have the opportunity to learn about: teachings on peace through everyday actions; how to bring peace in the mind-body experience; how to bring peace through personal interactions; how to bring peace to the larger community.
Susan will also lead participants in a peaceful activity in hopes of motivating individuals to pursue their own personal commitments to peace. Susan brings to this practical talk her inspirations from yoga’s deeper dimensions to minimize tension and suffering in order to stabilize harmony in herself and others.  

October 2010 – The Marquis Projects welcomes Sandra Quinteros to Brandon Manitoba. In a forum intended for public dialogue, Sandra will present “Development in El Salvador”. Sandra will discuss her experience in community development and sustainable agriculture in El Salvador especially in communities struck by natural disasters, such as earthquakes.The date and location of this event are TBA

November 2010 – On the International Day of Tolerance The Marquis Project will host a speaker session on equality.
The date, location, and speaker of this event are TBA 

About Marquis

The Marquis Project is a non-profit, charitable non-governmental organization dedicated to making our world better. Established in 1979 by development activists in and around Brandon, Manitoba, it is sustained by the support and participation of individuals, families, congregations, schools and community organizations. What began as a small resource centre on world issues serving southwestern Manitoba is now a nationally recognized non-governmental organization.