The Fair Game / Équimonde

A Game of Change & Exchange


The Fair Game is also avaliable in French – click here!

The Fair GameTM is a classroom-friendly role-playing game which explores the costs and benefits of world trading systems. Results are tabulated and connected to real world situations. Successful strategies can be reviewed in light of the values which motivate them. It includes a variety of questions for stimulating discussions.

The game was designed in Manitoba for use in Grade 10 Geography and Grade 12 World Issues classes, and can be played by people of almost any age. Use it in your classroom, with your church group, or anybody with a desire to learn about world trade systems.

  • Fair Game introduces basic play. It is a first chance for many to look at the spread of resources between regions and it develops Basic trading skills and strategies.
  • Fair Price examines the influence of technology in modern markets. This is a chance to see the powers of key Traders.
  • Fair Weather shows the interaction of economy and environment. The different consequences disasters have in different regions are demonstrated.
  • Fair Share explores ways in which prices are managed and power is maintained. This game reveals forms of market dominance which create barriers to trade for poorer regions.
  • Fair Trade brings in values beyond market efficiency. It offers an opportunity to consider the problems of a very different trading system.
  • Fair Play is where post game deliberations can be examined as new rules are created by groups who have played theFair Game. Consequences of international economic challenges like fair trade, free trade, debt and depression, inflation and recession can be considered in the simplified simulations of the Fair GameTM.

For more information, check out some of the game materials! (PDF pdf)

The Fair GameTM is available for $95 CDN (before taxes). Free shipping within Canada!

To order, email the Marquis Project at or call 204-727-5675

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