About Us

Celebrating 38 Years

Marquis is named in honour of a legendary high protein, high yield variety of hard wheat bred from Eastern European and Indian genetic strains and proven successful here in Brandon in 1912. We adopted the name and unusual pronunciation (mar-kwiss) to celebrate our pride in this prairie achievement which spread around the world to feed millions.

In Canada, Marquis is active in schools and in the community by creating or participating in events around important global concerns, such as our annual youth conference YETII (Youth Educating Themselves on International Issues), and The Fair Game®. Marquis speaks out in the media on issues that affect us all and hosts speakers from around the world. Marquis has an active youth committee of high school and university students who educate their peers on global concerns. We work in coalition with groups and individuals around Manitoba to confront issues around race, poverty, environment, and volunteerism.

Mission Statement

The Marquis Project is a community-centered, non-profit organization committed to the strengthening of international development. It has a two-fold purpose:

  • To help educate Manitobans as to the nature of economic, political and social issues involved at both the local and global levels.
  • To seek to participate actively in sustainable projects and partnerships aimed at improving the quality of life in small, rural communities in developing countries.


The Marquis Project partners with community organizations in East Africa and Central America to help them reach their development goals.

At this time we have partnered with the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC) and with the Tanzanian Society for Agriculture Education and Extension (TSAEE) to offer programs in rural communities near Mwanza, Tanzania.

To learn more about the Marquis partnership with TSAEE click on the Tanzania Project tab.

Board of Directors

The Marquis Project By-laws require that the affairs of the organization be managed by a board of directors who collectively:

  • establish the organization’s vision and direction
  • ensure financial health of the organization
  • ensure the organization has sufficient and appropriate human resources
  • direct organizational operations
  • ensure efficient community relations

The Current board members are:

  • Zack Gross, President
  • Patricia Malcolm, Vice President
  • June Welsted, Secretary
  • David Gamey, Treasurer
  • Immaculate Nabisere, Member

About Marquis

The Marquis Project is a non-profit, charitable non-governmental organization dedicated to making our world better. Established in 1979 by development activists in and around Brandon, Manitoba, it is sustained by the support and participation of individuals, families, congregations, schools and community organizations. What began as a small resource centre on world issues serving southwestern Manitoba is now a nationally recognized non-governmental organization.