Fair Trade


The Marquis Project is pleased to announce that the City of Brandon was officially declared a Fair Trade Town on May 20th 2014 by Fairtrade Canada and the Canadian Fair Trade Network. Brandon is Manitoba’s second Fair Trade Town and Canada’s 19th Fair Trade Town!

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade seeks to improve the quality of life for artisans and producers in developing countries around the world.  Fair Trade advocates payment of a fair price, economic and environmental sustainability and gender equality.  Fair Trade is about helping our global neighbours live a life of dignity, justice and hope.

What is a Fair Trade Town?

To become a designated Fair Trade Town in Canada is no small feat! A community must accomplish five goals and commit to a 6th goal. To begin the process, The Marquis Project found a small group of passionate and committed volunteers and formed the Brandon Fair Trade Town Steering Committee. A delegation of the Steering Committee gained Political Support by receiving unanimous support in favour of Brandon becoming a Fair Trade Town during a Brandon City Council vote on September 16th, 2013. In order for Brandon to even be considered a Fair Trade Town, a certain number of restaurants and stores needed to demonstrate Product Availability (13 stores and 6.5 restaurants based on the City’s population – in fact, 17 stores in Brandon currently carry Fair Trade products on a regular basis!). Members of The Marquis Project, Ten Thousand Villages and the Brandon Fair Trade Town Steering Committee participated in over 25 events promoting Fair Trade since May 2013 helping us achieve the two other goals: Public Education and Community Support.

What’s next?

The Marquis Project’s motto is to: “Think globally. Act locally.” The next Fair Trade campaign is: BE FAIR and LOCAL. When people believe in ethical purchasing and use their voices and purchasing power, good things happen! Remember to think fair and local, be fair, speak fair, play fair and buy fair and local!

About Marquis

The Marquis Project is a non-profit, charitable non-governmental organization dedicated to making our world better. Established in 1979 by development activists in and around Brandon, Manitoba, it is sustained by the support and participation of individuals, families, congregations, schools and community organizations. What began as a small resource centre on world issues serving southwestern Manitoba is now a nationally recognized non-governmental organization.